ActionAid International visits Thailand's innovative school

On Monday, 17 September 2018, ActionAid Thailand Board Chair Ajarn Chupinit Kesmanee, ActionAid International Representative to ActionAid Thailand Mr Shantanu Consul and Country Director of ActionAid Thailand Tauhid Ibne Farid visited Wat Coke Tong School in Ratchaburi Province.

It was an amazing leadership and learning method that empowers teachers, students and management staff to promote innovative Jitta Sueksa and Problem-Based Learning (PBL). We would like to thank school director Ajarn Chanita Pilachai who demonstrated wonderful leadership in advancing quality education with a powerful team.

ActionAid Thailand has been supporting Wat Coke Thong School through our Education Programme and the innovative Small School Network we work with.

From left: School Director Chinita Pilachai, Mr Tauhid Ibne Farid, Ajarn Chupinit Kesmanee and Mr Shantanu Consul
Jitta Sueksa activity
Grade 3 students' Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

ActionAid Thailand 2017 Annual Report

ActionAid Thailand 2017 Annual Report

Our annual report shows how ActionAid Thailand is making progress towards our strategic objectives. It also includes our audited accounts, explaining where our income comes from and how we have spent it. Download our 2017 annual report below.

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