Safe Cities for Women: Let’s put an end to sexual harassment and violence in cities!

Right now, in every city, in every country, women can’t go to work or university, or use the bus – simply go about their lives – without the threat of sexual attack. Often they’re even blamed for being assaulted or harassed. And it’s much worse for women living in poverty, who don’t have the means to find safe living condition or bring their attackers to justice. Women have their right to come and go in their cities unviolated.

Safe Cities for Women is ActionAid’s global campaign launched in Thailand in March 2017. ActionAid Thailand and partners – the Women’s Wellbeing and Gender Justice Program, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation, and the Four Regions Slum Network – are campaigning to change deeply embedded sexist attitudes, and to make governments and businesses, leaders and individuals act to:

  • End sexual violence against women in public spaces
  • End impunity of sex attackers
  • Provide safe and gender-responsive public services
  • Build cities that are planned also by women and address the strategic and practical needs of women

“It’s time to butt in.”

In the first two years, the Safe Cities for Women Network targeted and addressed sexual violence on public transport, from public campaigning to policy advocacy. We’ve run successful campaign events and activities under #TeamPeuak with an aim to empower bystanders to “butt in” and disrupt the situation when witnessing sexual harassment on public commute.

On a policy level, we were delighted to have secured support from the Thai Ministry of Transport to publicise instructive materials and conduct staff trainings in various services and agencies operating under the ministry, including Transport Company, one of the biggest intercity bus operators in the country.

The training program is scheduled to conclude in 2019 but is by no means the end of our efforts. There is much more to do as the campaign expands to universities and urban spaces. Follow our progress here.

Be part of the movement that creates a safe city for women – a safe city for everyone.

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