The fundamental right to quality education is being taken awayfrom children in remote Thailand.

Over the past decades, Thailand has been struggling with the public education system and management. One of the measures taken by the government is the small school closure-merger policy aimed at managing the diseconomies of scale of limited resources.

However the policy fails to take into account its own multidimensional socio-economic consequences on almost one million students as well as people in communities where small schools are located. The merger of small schools with a magnet school within a six-kilometre radius would result in:

  • Children traveling a further distance to the school; blue-collar parents spending more time sending their children off and picking them up from school, increasing their household spending overall.
  • Classes in the magnet school becoming too big for one teacher to teach and care for efficiently.
  • Children not getting quality education; the government did not propose a measure that guarantees students would receive a better education or as good an education as when they go to the school in their community.

These likely consequences could lead to students being dropped out of the education system, the right to access basic education in a school in their area being stripped away from them.

We believe small schools still hold great importance, especially for communities, so we work with civil society organisations, school networks and communities in improving the capacity of the
schools and school personnel in order to ensure quality public education is equally available for every child in Thailand.

ActionAid Thailand’s Education Programme is working to ensure that by the year 2022:

  • 400 schools are not closed or merged, and provide student-centred education.
  • More than 20,000 children have access to quality public education.
  • More than 2,000 teachers and educational personnel are equipped with skills vital for 21st century learning, and are able to become education leaders.
  • The Thai public education is equitable, leaves no one behind, and can develop sustainably.

Join us and be part of the change towards equitable and inclusive education.

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