With a firm belief in contributing to social change through informed and engaged individuals and communities, we are committed to enhancing the leadership of the excluded in the struggle against poverty and injustice. Learn about our theory of change and our approach to make transformative social change happen.

Theory of Change

Enabling and empowering poor and excluded communities:

We challenge unequal and unjust power relations by building power from below. To strengthen the agency of poor and excluded communities, we work with the communities and their organisations to critically analyse their situations and the causes of poverty and injustice.

Building solidarity and collective power:

Challenging and shifting deep-rooted power relations calls for collective actions that engage different sections of society. We contribute to building solidarity and alliances between communities, social movements and other allies to achieve social justice and eradicate poverty.

People-centred advocacy and campaigning:

Transformative social change also calls for connecting grassroots initiatives with the national and global policy agenda to bring about broader and sustainable changes. We build on our programme work on the ground to advocate and campaign to influence and shift policies, practices and power relations in favour of poor and excluded communities.

Progressive and rights based alternatives:

Demonstrating meaningful pro-poor alternatives is important to challenging established rhetoric, policies and practices. We commit to not only remain oppositional to issues that affect the poor and excluded communities, but also to being actively propositional in developing and sharing progressive and rights-based alternatives that are grounded in experiences of the communities we work with.