Procurement process

ActionAid Thailand values transparency and accountability in all activities, including procurement, from service sourcing to media selection to publish the works of the foundation.

Every dealing is examined by internal and external auditors to make sure that it follows ActionAid’s criteria and policy, and the law; and to ensure that every baht of donation is spent most efficiently.

ActionAid Thailand is a human-rights based organisation. Our suppliers must follow the laws and our policies related to child protection and labour, human trafficking, and sexual harassment.

Tender process

The procurement process varies contingent on the total budget of a project as established in ActionAid Thailand’s procurement policy. In regular service or goods procurement, staff would acquire a quotation directly from suppliers and compare it with competitive suppliers. For high-value procurement, a tender process will be put in place. Tender opportunities, including details of the product or service ActionAid Thailand seeks to procure, will be announced publicly and listed below.

Current tender opportunities: