37% of our income in 2022 came from the extraordinary generosity of our supporters. Thanks to them, we were able to contribute over 3.9 million bath to ACCESS School Project (Active Civil Society for Quality Education of Small Schools Project) which improves teaching quality and builds sustainability of remote small schools through greater community involvement and multi-stakeholder relationships between communities, civil society and local authorities. In addition to our individual donors’ support, 75% of this project’s funding came from the European Union.

Our 2022 income

The overall income of ActionAid International (Thailand) Foundation in 2022 totaled 10.7 million Thai baht, 24% of which came from the European Union, 37% from local fundraising, 29% from ActionAid flexible fund, one percent from local partners, and nine percent from other philanthropy and partnerships.

Our 2022 expenditure

ActionAid International (Thailand) Foundation’s total expenditure in the year 2022 was 37.3 million Thai baht, as indicated by each department in the below table.

In 2023, our aim remains that your donations go as far as possible in improving the quality of education in small schools and guaranteeing equal rights to education for all children in Thailand.

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